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All Hands In


The Aspire Store was created by Positive Presence Global™, the nation's #1 life coaching company for teens and young adults, with the goal of eradicating teenage suicide and promoting positivity. All proceeds from Aspire products and services contribute to this goal.

Since 2016, Positive Presence Global (PPG/Positive Presence) has created an international movement towards positivity by providing mentor-coaching service to hundreds of students, ages 10 to 28+. PPG has completed over 10,000+ hours of mentor-coaching and recently reached it's greatest milestone yet by becoming the largest mentor-coaching company in North America for teens and young adults.

PPG's passionate mentor-coaches and S.E.L.F curriculum awakens the energy within each student to begin a life-long journey of discovery and self-mastery. The definition of Positive Presence is ‘the confident state of existing’ — and that’s what PPG works towards every day. Through skill-building, honest reflection, and planning, everyone can live a confident, positive life.

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About Our Founder

Michelle Marie King, a philanthropic leader, innovative entrepreneur, and captivating public speaker, has worked in the positivity activist space since 2002.

Michelle became interested in mental health and positivity among the next generation when she herself experienced darkness and struggle as a young adult. As Michelle matured, she began to focus on healing the damage she experienced while working in the modeling and pageant industry. This led to a realization of how permeating the negative feelings she experienced are among our world’s youth.

Michelle began spending her time working towards finding a way to share the light and positivity she learned through years of self-work and reflection. Throughout this journey, Michelle has engaged in many large-scale public speaking events across the country on topics such as women and wealth, becoming a passionate philanthropist, and struggling with eating disorders. Michelle continues to spread her message of positivity and light as a featured guest speaker at several women’s empowerment summits, young entrepreneur conferences, and women in business events across the country every year.

In 2016, her passion for mental health and positivity led her to create Positive Presence Global and the proprietary mentor-coaching S.E.L.F curriculum. Since then, she has worked with hundreds of mentees and trained dozens of new mentor-coaches. In her career as a model, philanthropist, emcee, entrepreneur, and public speaker, Michelle has appeared on radio, television, billboards and print in over 15 different states to continue to promote Positive Presence Global and her community efforts.

Michelle’s mission is to masterfully motivate people of all ages to lead a positive life and inspire others to do the same!

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